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Geography FAQ's


The city of Cusco is located in the central and southeastern part of Peru and has an area of 76,230 km2, the area of the Province of Cusco amounts to 525 km2. The area of the Peruvian territory is (1'285,215 Km2), Cusco represents 5.9% of the territory.

The area of Cusco is constituted by three large units of territory, these sections cover high Andean areas, jungle areas and borders with different types of climates.


To the north it borders the departments of Junín and Ucayali, jungle areas. To the south it borders on the departments of Puno and Arequipa. To the east it borders the great Amazonian plain of the Department of Madre de Dios and to the west it borders the mountains of the department of Apurímac and the jungle of the department of Ayacucho.


Cusco is located at an altitude of 3,350 masl. Cusco is considered in the world as one of the cities located in a very high area.

Latitude and longitude

The city is located at latitude south 13 ° 30 '45 "and at latitude west 71 ° 58' 33" from the meridian of Greenwich.

Time: Peruvian time is set to 5 h after the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and is similar to the EST (Eastern Standard Time) of the United States.

Reference Hours
When it is 12 noon in Peru
13:00 hours Santiago (Chile) - Caracas (Venezuela)
14:00 hours Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Buenos Aires (Argentina)
13:00 hours New York (USA)
02:00 hours Tokio (Japan)

The climate in Cusco is relatively cool, the average annual temperature in the city ranges from 10.3° and 11.3° Celsius (50.54° to 52.34° Fahrenheit). The temperature is invariable during the winter and summer seasons. Generally, it is cold at night and first hours of the morning, the temperature increases until noon. The temperature often decreases below zero to 5° and 7° C (23° and 19.4° F) in June.

The seasons change during the year, but it isn’t very noticeable, in general there are two seasons:

  • Rainy season, November to March.
  • Dry season, April to October.

The average annual temperature fluctuates between 11° C and 13° C. And during sunny days the temperature reaches 20° C.

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