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Health Related FAQ's

Health Tips

Soroche or altitude sickness is the most common symptom in Cusco.

The soroche or disease of Monge occurs due to lack of oxygen in people who are not acclimatized and reach heights greater than 2,000 meters in less than two days. Tourists arriving by plane to the city of Cusco are the most prone, symptoms appear on the first or second day, may also appear later, the symptoms may be:

Insomnia, headache, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, dizziness, palpitations and even pulmonary edema.

Living at this height strengthens the heart, the lungs and fills blood of red blood cells, for some people these symptoms are unpleasant.


Pre-acclimatization is very important to enjoy your trip completely. You will need 48 - 72 hours for a better acclimatization, it is very important to rest all the first day, eat little and drink a lot of liquid, especially coca tea, it contains medicinal and digestive properties, avoid alcohol, cigarettes and fatty foods.

While you acclimate, we recommend a tour that doesn’t require physical effort, you can start doing the city tour and the next day the tour of the sacred valley, the sacred valley is lower and temperature is warmer, during the tour We recommend taking lots of lemon candies, avoiding dehydration and altitude problems.

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